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Ray McCormack – Full Day Class in January 2010


A couple of guys who have been working to put this class together sent us over some information and the attached flier. Ray McCormack will be teaching a class on two different topics as follows:

Engine Company Errors- The Dirty Dozen

Line Boss- About the Engine Officer and Hose work

These classes will be limited to the first 100 people who sign up and only cost 50 dollars for the full day class. A tip of the hat to the two guys (twoknuckleheads) that spent the time and energy in making this class possible. Please review the attached flier and hang it in your firehouse if you would like to help spread the word.

A detailed description on the classes and registration information can be found in the attachment. If you are interested please do not contact IRONSandLADDERS rather use the email address found on the flier. We do not want to be responsible for you losing your spot before the class fills up.  



Update: 50 out of 100 spots have been filled

Update: 75 out of 100 spots have been filled

Update: 90 out of 100 spots have been filled




Tactical Safety: “Examining the process of firefighting to see if there is a better and safer way to operate”


At the last FDIC Lt. Ray McCormack gave a speech that had an immediate impact on the fire service. To some it was an attack, and to others it was motivating. I for one didnt believe Lt McCormack was advocating unsafe firefighting and would agree his message was saying something much different. I believe he was saying the way to operate the safest is by knowing and studying our craft. To remember how important (even if it seems redundant) hose stretch drills are. Even how basic tool maintenance correlates with how you handle them on the real thing.  By treating it as your trade, and attempting to cut off the dangerous thought process that the basics of our job have somehow become less important.

Lt. McCormacks recent articles have been released almost every week since June and really sum up this thought process. Read the articles and take anything and everything that can apply to your own daily operations.  Thank You to for posting these articles. 

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