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Drop Bar Forcible Entry Video “Irons Work”


Here is a video showing two different commercial doors with drop bars being forced with a set of irons. These doors should not intimidate us and send us looking for tricks or alternate routes in the building. We don’t need a framing square, we don’t need to breach the wall, and we definitely don’t need to take the hinges. Take a look and see what you think.

Friends don’t let friends be intimidated by drop bars…Ha!




Padlock Forcible Entry Video


Here is 15 minutes of padlock forcible entry done by the Irons, Saws, The PIG, Bolt cutters, etc. Dozens of locks later, we have a short forcible entry training video. This gives you an idea of what locks can easily be defeated by the Irons, which ones may need saw work, and when bolt cutters can actually beat both of them. We still show a majority of Irons work because you should be carrying them and they always start. However the saw does have great application when it comes to padlocks.

Thru-The-Lock Time Trial (storefront doors)



Need a new years resolution. Here it is, prove to yourself and others how effective Thru-The-Lock is on storefront doors. It is hard to argue with this video. Time to quit ignoring that Rex or K-tool everyday as you check the trucks and start dedicating yourself to completely understanding it uses.


Rex Tool 101. (Thru-The-Lock on Mortise Locks)


Finally got around to editing about 3 hours of forcible entry video we have into short training sessions. We will start off with Thru-The-Lock tactics on mortise locks using the Rex Tool. Hope it is useful.

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