Padlock Forcible Entry Video

Here is 15 minutes of padlock forcible entry done by the Irons, Saws, The PIG, Bolt cutters, etc. Dozens of locks later, we have a short forcible entry training video. This gives you an idea of what locks can easily be defeated by the Irons, which ones may need saw work, and when bolt cutters can actually beat both of them. We still show a majority of Irons work because you should be carrying them and they always start. However the saw does have great application when it comes to padlocks.

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4 Comments on “Padlock Forcible Entry Video”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Awesome video. I think not getting frustrated and taking a second to use your head defeats most of our problems. A lot of times crews rush a decision which causes them to preform a tactic that may not be the best for the situation. Slowing down and using good solid basics will give you a better understanding of what you are up against.

    • FD8 Says:

      Great video. A couple things though: Twisting the chain will take a ton of bounce out of it if you have to break the lock. Also, with the first halligan vs. hasp, it might have worked better if he had put the forks over that bolt and pried down instead of beating the bolt….Not to bust on those guys, that video was awesome….we used it for a tabletop training session and then we discussed it, that where those suggestions came from

      • FD8,
        I agree, good advice on twisting the chain, we did use the roof hook to twist the chain and take some slack out of it, however the lock was so tough we still didn’t break that heavy duty version. I ran out of time on the video to include that! I completely agree with using the forks over any exposed bolt and prying down. Much more control, much more leverage. Thanks for the input.

  2. […] Foster), and now with the inspiration of the above video from the guys over at Irons and Ladders ( his very own Padlock force entry […]

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