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Thank You For a Great Class


We had another very successful Hands On Forcible Entry Class this last weekend hosted by the Stratmoor Hills FD. This open enrollment class had 30 participants from 10 different fire departments throughout the state. We had a great bunch of guys go through consisting of first year firefighters all the way up to 25 year veterans. This brought a great variety of ideas and experiences.  We have received some great feedback and are in the process of setting up classes with multiple different agencies. Keep your eyes open if you would like to attend the next open enrollment class or contact us if you are interested in hosting us at your own department.

Those of you who were in the class feel free to add your feedback on the class in the comment section.

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All participants forced doors multiple times using several different 2 person techniques and 1 person techniques. Everybody was on both pieces of the Irons multiple times. Participants also were able to defeat drops bars and carriage bolts using both Irons and Saws. Everybody also performed window bar cuts, defeated padlocks  and were able to pull cylinders using Thru The Lock tools. After pulling cylinders, participants were each able to  defeat every type of the most common locks found by tripping them with numerous Thru the Lock tools. The was all done following a detailed and interactive door size up class in the morning and a short class on fine tuning our tools to take full advantage of them.
Thank you to all who came out last weekend for your support and to all of you that have been in the previous classes this year.

Those of you who were in the class feel free to add your feedback on the class in the comment section.

November 6th Hands On Forcible Entry Class


Announcing a Hands On Forcible Entry Class on November 6th of 2010. 

We have had numerous requests to run another open enrollment class that welcomes firefighters from any department. This training will consist of a morning classroom session followed by hands on forcible entry for the remainder of the day. Seating is limited allowing each participant to have a large amount of hands on time.

Click on the mini flyer below for a downloadable full size version with full details of the class

To register or for more information email or call
Ryan (719)-660-4740
Nick (719)-649-8060
Bryan (719)-331-7284 

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