Thank You For a Great Class

We had another very successful Hands On Forcible Entry Class this last weekend hosted by the Stratmoor Hills FD. This open enrollment class had 30 participants from 10 different fire departments throughout the state. We had a great bunch of guys go through consisting of first year firefighters all the way up to 25 year veterans. This brought a great variety of ideas and experiences.  We have received some great feedback and are in the process of setting up classes with multiple different agencies. Keep your eyes open if you would like to attend the next open enrollment class or contact us if you are interested in hosting us at your own department.

Those of you who were in the class feel free to add your feedback on the class in the comment section.

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All participants forced doors multiple times using several different 2 person techniques and 1 person techniques. Everybody was on both pieces of the Irons multiple times. Participants also were able to defeat drops bars and carriage bolts using both Irons and Saws. Everybody also performed window bar cuts, defeated padlocks  and were able to pull cylinders using Thru The Lock tools. After pulling cylinders, participants were each able to  defeat every type of the most common locks found by tripping them with numerous Thru the Lock tools. The was all done following a detailed and interactive door size up class in the morning and a short class on fine tuning our tools to take full advantage of them.
Thank you to all who came out last weekend for your support and to all of you that have been in the previous classes this year.

Those of you who were in the class feel free to add your feedback on the class in the comment section.

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3 Comments on “Thank You For a Great Class”

  1. nkokias Says:

    I just wanted to thank you guys for a great class.

    It’s common in the modern fire service to get a 3 day class with 3 hours of information. I was glad to find this class to be the opposite. Every bit of the info offered is applicable to real fire-ground ops. You can talk about forcing doors all day, but the rubber meets the road when you have to actually do it.

    I enjoyed the mix of lecture and hands on experience. The instructors go far beyond basic fe situations, and challenge you to think about more complex obstacles we all may face in our districts.

    I strongly recommend this class to anyone in the service. Particularly engine guys that may not train on forcible entry as much.

  2. trenck Says:

    Thank you all at Irons and Ladders for such a great class.

    The knowledge that is gained in this class is invaluble on the fire ground to us as firefighters and also to the occupants and property owners.

    The class was the perfect amount of classroom time and also hands on time. Also the fact of bringing “size-up” of doors into the mix and never giving a one-size fits all to forceable entry is key.

    I would stongly recommend this class to all in the fire service. Especially smaller departments where there would not a truck on scene to perform fe tasks on scene.

  3. Brian Says:

    Class well done. It gives the student opportunity to use their hands after a didactic session and video examples. The class also has a great approach from the standpoint of the instructors are so open to trying new things and listening to ideas from other departments. It makes it a sharing scenario on many levels so everyone gets better at their job–students and instructors. Sharing experiences in this profession is sometimes the only way firefighters may be exposed to scenarios that allow them to be creative in the future. Having said that, the instructors are very skilled and experienced. They obviously are passionate about firefighting and the nuances that are not taught in any available manual.

    The door prop is an excellent tool that offered great repetitions for inward and outward swinging doors. The other props are great for learning through the lock and saw work. I look forward to honing the skills I learned at my fiehouse and, more importantly, on the fireground.

    I would recommend this class to anyone at any phase of their fire career. Thanks Bros and keep up the good work!

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