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Sparky Truax Fundraiser Class


This came together very quickly and is not very far out. Sign up today! We will be presenting a half day class on Forcible Entry Door Size Up. The other half of the day will be a Ventilation class presented by Brian Brush who runs Colorado Firefighter and contributes regularly to Fire Service Warrior.  100% of the money from this class will be donated to the family of Sparky Truax, a South Metro Firefighter who died only days before Christmas. Help us take care of his family like you would want your own taken care of. This is just a small part of the Brotherhood.

This will be held at South Metro Fires Training Center. February 1st, from 9 till 5. Register and information at the following links

Register here: The 2164 Foundation

Facebook Event Information here : Sparky Truax Family Fundraiser

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