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Troubleshooting Standpipe Problems


We have saved this next post as a PDF so that you can download it and throw it around the kitchen table or take it out to the tower and put it to the test. This is a great piece put together regarding many of the different problems we can encounter while operating off of a standpipe system. This offers different scenarios from the time the water comes out of the hydrant to the time it leaves the nozzle and all of the other failure points in between. By preparing for these problems before hand, we will be able to react much more quickly on the real thing.

Below is an introduction by the author, Les Chapel. Then click on the picture for the entire version.

Standpipe and sprinkler systems are often overlooked. The female connections on a FDC may be missing or packed with crud for sometime before anybody notices there is a problem. Hopefully any problems are noticed and corrected before the system needs to be used.

 I’d like to offer some scenarios that your crew can discuss or set up at the training tower, if one is available, to help recognize and train in correcting any flow or pressure fluctuations that may arise while operating attack lines from a standpipe system.

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