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Double Doors with Double Drop Bars (Forcible Entry Video)


This video will cover a couple tactics that can be utilized during forcible entry on double doors. Double doors require a few quick and easy points that will make your operation go much smoother. Drop bars on double doors is a very common way to secure these, however this type of setup can waste a huge amount of valuable time if you get too focused on the large variety of bolt patterns you have to choose from. There is a simple step by step approach to look at these bolts to save yourself time and energy. The following video shows two examples, one being done with conventional irons work and the valuable 6′ steel hook, the other being with an irons and saw combination. These are two relatively quick ways to get in when you look at the big picture and what you going up against. If this is the backside of your fire occupancy where firefighters are operating interior, you have no other option but to get in, and be efficient at doing so. We will have several other videos soon showing some other options.

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