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Close One On The Roof


Here is an interesting video that shows about as close of call as you can get. I just saw this over at . If you have not seen his blog yet check it out, it is a good one.  The comments that made pretty much cover my thoughts on this video, I am not going to repeat them all. But a few things I must say, I agree we are only seeing a small picture into a larger situation so I am not going to comment like I was there or pretend to know the whole situation. This obviously is a smaller department (guessing by the amount of white hats on the roof and fire ground), which may also have budget issues or are not issued the proper equipment. If you take a close look at the saw that is being carried off of the roof after the situation happens you can see that it is a smaller saw that is very under equipped to handle venting roofing materials. It appears it may even be an “echo” style homeowner brand chain saw. If we are assigned to vertically ventilate a lightweight pitched roof one of the safest things we can do is vent it quickly and then get off. Especially if this fire is already in the attic. Anyways I don’t need to describe the rest, you will see it for yourself. 

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