Survivable Space Exists!!!!

This is an incredible video out of Corinth MS from a few days ago. Units pull up to a well involved house, with rapidly advancing fire throughout the building. A 9 month old child was dropped out of the window to bystanders and survived. Lt. Chris Duncan is told from the bystanders that the Father is still inside of that room. Conditions are becoming pre flashover very quickly, the Lt. makes a quick VES in the window and removes the adult male to the window just before flashover occurs. Other firefighters outside the window drag the victim away as the Lt. makes a dive out into the yard. The victim is in critical condition but still alive. I extend my gratitude to  Lt. Chris Duncan who made a decision to put the Citizens life above his own and made a move that was rewarded with a second chance on life for this citizen. Job well done, Citizens of Corinth you should be proud of your fire department.

This is a great demonstration of survivable space that can be found in a very well involved home. You can find teachings out there that would tell you the front of this building had no potential for viable victims, and intern to not take the risk for victims. VES and quick recognition of the survivable space saved lives.

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One Comment on “Survivable Space Exists!!!!”

  1. Truck 4 Says:

    All I have to say is incredible job! Quick in and out and it saved a life. I am tired of hearing that the survivability in a structure is zero! Or that everything else is just “stuff” and it can be replaced but you can’t. While part of that statement is true, the other is not completely. Yes the material possessions such tv’s, furnature etc. can in most instances be replaced. It’s the family photos, heirlooms etc that can’t. Life safety is always #1, and if your willing to throw that away on a whim, you shouldn’t be in this profession. Property conservation is always #2, and if you think that people’s possessions are just “things” and “stuff”, you have no personal compasion for being a professional firefighter and you Gould leave. Once those two thing are achieved to the utmost possibility, incident stabilization can happen. However, be aggressive. Sometimes the best way to accomplish the first two is to make incident stabilization happen first. If you, the aggressive engine company can get in there and out the fire out, you have solve the hardest most complex part of the puzzle.

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