Do Not Fear…The Panic Bar Is Here.

Here is a short Public Service Announcement from your friends at IRONS and LADDERS. This discusses and demonstrates forcible entry on the commonly found panic bars. There is a lot of tricks floating around the internet regarding panic hardware on commercial doors. Not all of them are right or wrong, however most are undependable as a Plan A. Watch the video and end the Panic.

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5 Comments on “Do Not Fear…The Panic Bar Is Here.”

  1. Awesome! One of the best videos ever posted on the web about conventional forcible entry. Strong work!

  2. Strong work! Keep up the great info I appreciate it. Thank you

  3. FD8 Says:

    Sorry, I missed the video….I was running to get my framing square! Seriously, thanks for the reminder on sticking with the basics….All the cool tricks we learn can really slow us down if we’re not careful. Please keep up the great work!

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