Pride In Your Profession

This is a speech done at the graduation of the United States Air Force Academy. It is based on the future jobs that these graduates will be doing in the military, however it directly applies to our job. This man believes in his profession and how important it is to be good at it, he also believes in the recruits that our entering his profession and the importance of mentorship and motivation. He is a great speaker and is able to put his beliefs and mentality into words better than most of us can.

This is the picture of the kind of person I would want leading me in a dangerous profession such as warfare. These are also the kind of words that I would want given to recruits before they set off into the real world. This is the type of pride that we should be displaying to our own recruits as they come onto the line.

Well said General Welsh.

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2 Comments on “Pride In Your Profession”

  1. Take 50 mintues and watch. It’s well worth it. What’s 50 minutes for what he and his fellow soldiers have given.

  2. Nick Says:

    Words cannot truly express the power conveyed in this video. I was a Marine and it took me a couple tries to watch it, but I am thankful that I did.

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