Videos Worth Taking a Look At

Here is a couple of videos that we posted on the IRONS and LADDERS facebook page. The first is a great video out of Sacramento showing an IC that has a very calm, cool approach to a pretty hectic scene. The guys on scene do a great job making a rescue of a kid who makes a full recovery.

The second is a good helmet camera video showing an attached garage fire with extension to the attic, has some real good first due footage and a vertical vent.


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2 Comments on “Videos Worth Taking a Look At”

  1. TRUCK4 Says:

    Great vids. San Bernardino has a ton of great videos of this caliber. Always awesome to see how calm an IC should be. I think Grad Rapids did a great job in the second video. Vent hole looked a little small but, as you can see in the video later, it was effective. Not to mention that they had what appeared to be, and even reported in the radio traffic, of fire through the roof just prior to the saw hitting the shingles. They completed their job and got off there and then carried on with their other truck company duties. Truck Officer made a great quick 360 with a very accurate report about the location of the fire, controled the gas and made a updated tactical move of needing to hit the roof for a quick hole.

    The only thing that I picked up on was the need to go back to the truck for that pick head axe. Great idea for the icy roof! But as far as I could tell he only brought a hook. At least he brought something, but Im not sure that I noticed any other tools out there with his crew. Just a thought that someone should maybe have had a set of irons where the pike of the haligan might have been a quick option. Either way, great work. Nice video!!

  2. Ladder1 Says:

    Looked great, except footing the ladder from underneath it.

    Body to the building, foot it from the other side.

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