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A group of us got to talking and decided they needed a way to share their experiences and training across Firehouses all over the city. IRONSandLADDERS is dedicated to the down and dirty grunt work of the fire service. We at encourage any firefighters to submit content or comment on the topics at hand. Thank you to a couple of the old guys that have been our mentors and given us the drive to learn our trade of fighting fire. To learn more about the name and vision of this site check out the “About Us” page at the top. Going to work

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6 Comments on “The start of”

  1. Mike Says:

    Nice picture! I think I know that guy.

  2. Bently Says:

    Great work brothers putting up another informative website for the service. Look forward to watching it progress.

    Ben Simonds
    soldotna Alaska
    great fools of fire.

  3. MG Says:

    Nice website, very informative!

    Mikel G
    Black Forest Fire Rescue

  4. Zach Westberg Says:

    Hey, great web site with lots of information!! But just as a suggestion I was wondering when you were going to start writing about all the great medical information out there? Like direct links to JEMS…EMS Protocols..My personal saves or a link to http://www.ironsandIV‘ Just an idea…let me know. Zach

    • Local Investor Says:

      For any one interested in helping Zach start his new corporation please make all calls and emails (and make lots of them) to Heavy Rescue 17 C shift. They would be happy to field questions and are taking financial investors relating to this topic. Possible articles to follow:
      IV attempts while in SCUBA
      Splinting while in confined space
      Thoughts on O2 use in trenches
      How many GPM does your IV bag put out.
      High Angle Medicine: Rope Burns…How do we treat?
      Ice Rescue v.s. TICE rescue

      Thank You for your suggestions

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