Vertical Vent Photo Series (Before and After)

Here is a great set of photos of Truck Co. 1 in Colorado Springs going vertical on a chimney fire that spread to the attic this week. The photos give a good view of vertical vent instantly clearing the smoke conditions from the perimeter of the attic and interior of the house, along with slowing horizontal spread through the attic. As you can see by the short amount of time they had fire from the hole, this was timed very closely with interior hose lines knocking down fire. This was a very cold morning which you can also see in the color of the smoke which is pretty common in the winter time. It is always nice when you have a set of pictures that shows the before and after of vertical vent in action. These great pictures were taken by Steven (Smitty) Smith of  SDSFirePhotos

IMG_4904 IMG_4905IMG_4915 IMG_4914  IMG_4920-L

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