The Little Things


It’s the little things that make a difference.

Being part of the “Combat Ready” mentality means more then just surfing around the internet and staying up on current information. You must put it into practice. Train on it over and over again, until it is very hard to get it wrong. That’s what makes us truly prepared for our next fire.

The rig is checked like were going to use it, the saws are always run like we are going to use them, the hose is loaded perfect so it pulls perfect later. When these small links start to be ignored or overlooked, the result will be very clear the next time we go to use them.

When you treat your next fire call as if it is a working fire until we prove otherwise, it keeps your mind in a healthy state of expecting to go to work when we arrive. I take just as much pride in a small fire call that was laid out for success as I do in a good working fire that goes well. The photo below is a great example, this was an apartment fire call that was small and handled with an extinguisher. However you can see the great pride the nozzleman on E8 takes in getting his stretch right and being ready to go to work. (Nice accordion forward!!) This doesn’t happen without the right state of mind and a lot of self practice.

Don’t just tell yourself your ready, prove it to yourself. Talk is cheap, actions show the truth.IMG_4499

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