Veterans Day 2013

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Veterans Day: I had the honor of spending my Veterans Day morning taking photos of my Grandfather who decided to put on his uniform for the first time since he retired. He is 98 years old and still lives on his own. He was a fighter pilot in World War 2 and lead a squadron into the pacific after Pearl Harbor. In this photo he is holding a section of the propellor that was on his P39 Aerocobra he landed after taking heavy enemy fire. The mechanic found over 160 bullet holes in the plane, including the fuel tanks, brake lines, and cockpit along with a wing that was falling off when he landed. The mechanic said there was no way the plane would fly again, and couldn’t believe he made it back alive. 

I have written about him before in a previous article, its a good veterans day read if you would like to revisit it follow the link below.

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2 Comments on “Veterans Day 2013”

  1. Rowley Says:

    Thanks to him for his service and sacrifice. You come from good people.

  2. Pa State Cop Says:

    God Bless you Grand Dad. We stand on their shoulders.

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