Apartment Fire Behavior Video

This is a great one to show the crew and talk about some tactics. The rapidly growing fire conditions in this video are a great reminder to us all why that first water is so important. No time for complacency on this one, we need a first line that is quickly flaked and charged, we need guys that can mask up quickly and then make an aggressive push through the apartment. It also shows the importance of aggressive search crews making a quick pass through the floor above, it could be what makes or breaks someones chances in those rooms.

This seems to be one of those fires that could quickly have people worrying about everything but that first hose line, look how much fire is knocked down in a matter of a few seconds of the first line flowing.

“The Fire Goes As The First Line Goes”
A. Fredericks

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2 Comments on “Apartment Fire Behavior Video”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Awesome! You better know what you are doing and keep up with the changes in conditions. High density = high volume fire events!

  2. Trevor Says:

    Definitely a good video. Goes to show what good solid hose management tactics can do for you. Taking your time to get the right hose line stretched and operating is key. I assume the Captain that crawled under the fire was closing the door to the appartment across the breezeway. Just that action alone made a huge stop to auto exposure and progression of the fire. had he not done that, that single handline might have had a difficult time controling the fire in both appartments. Thats knowing your job. Good video all together.

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