First Due Fire, Stockton CA

Now here is a bang up job and some great first due footage. You can nay-say all you want on this fire but to me this looks like an extremely professional and aggressive job done by these companies. Lines are flaked and put into service very quickly, door is forced and lines are advanced into the two most threatened areas of the home. Ground ladders are put into place on multiple sides of the home. Crew performs VES on the top floor. Truck goes to the roof and opens up the attic of a balloon frame that likely has fire in it. It is clear that everyone here knows their job and has a task, there is no one trying to figure out what comes next, or hanging back a little bit hesitating. Tactics are being done Proactively ahead of the need, not reactively because things are going downhill.  Well done guys, great example to all.

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7 Comments on “First Due Fire, Stockton CA”

  1. Joey Deal Says:

    Little rough on the Truck work. Terrible forcible entry(well, they were Engine guys). Window bars!!! If this job would have went to shit, your boys are cooked! Never dive headfirst into a VES. Bad Truck placement. Loved the aggressive attack by the Engine Co’s!!

    • I think those points are great ones to think about, some more important than others. Irons work may have got them in quicker, window bars would have made it a bit safer, but overall it was pretty well rounded.

      You can always find little things, and we should because they are good to learn from, but little things happen on every fire. I would say what these guys accomplished from the first air brake and the following six minutes is done very well, especially with what appears to be 2 engines and a truck on scene. Two hose lines on different floors, multiple ladders, aerial to the roof and a vertical vent. There is no down time or standing around, the tasks that hadn’t been done yet definitely wasn’t from lack of hustle. Just a lot of work to do.

  2. Chris Says:

    The YouTube link on the main page seems be inactive. I surfed around a little, and I believe this is the same video via a different link…

    Thanks for all the work to share info! Be safe Brothers!

  3. Nick Says:

    Awesome stop. Like you guys said, we could nit-pick this video to death, but at the end of the day they made an amazing stop on a well involved fire with a pretty quick time. The job definitely got done at a very proficient rate.

  4. JJ Says:

    I’m just wondering why the first in guy through his tool on the front porch after forcing the door. As for truck placement I didn’t see a problem with it. They got a corner allowing them to get 2 sides of the building.

  5. GaryLane Says:

    Great video. These guys are obviously “workers” and were moving with a purpose…something not all departments can claim. Nit pick what you want, we can all use a little polishing on our skills from time to time.

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