Upcoming Two Knuckleheads Class

The Two Knuckleheads are putting on their last class of the year so if you haven’t signed up yet get to it before it is full. This class will be on October 14th from 9am till 5pm located at the Antlers Hilton in Downtown Colorado Springs. The cost is only 50 dollars a person and you will be hard pressed to find a class of this quality for that price. The class will primarily cover search techniques, ventilation considerations and a Mayday case review.
Please visit http://www.twoknuckleheadfiremen.com for registration, payment and more details on this class.

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2 Comments on “Upcoming Two Knuckleheads Class”

  1. Hello everyone! This will be the last Two Knuckleheads class ever. We are closing up shop and are currently developing some other projects for the future. Alas the end is near for Two Knuckleheads and we hope for a great turnout on this the very last class. We have a great speaker coming out and with him is a very special guest.

    We would like to thank, Irons and Ladders LLC, Ray McCormack, Pat Nichols, John Norman, John Ceriello, Mark Gregory, Bob Galione, Colorado Coffee Merchants, and each and every one of you, for all your support and kind words of encouragement. There is certainly a demand here in the Pikes Peak area for these types of programs and trust us the work will continue. So for now, give our regards to the members of your firehouse and stay tuned…….

    • Truck4 Says:

      It will be sad to see you guys go. I have enjoyed making it to your classes. I know your working on other projects, keep it up. Your definitely onto something here!!

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