“The Ladder Shop”

This is a real interesting video that the boys over at VentEnterSearch came up with. Credit to them for posting it, we just think its a video worth viewing so we are re-posting it. They run a great site and come up with some very unique content, if you don’t already, make sure to check out their website at www.vententersearch.com

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2 Comments on ““The Ladder Shop””

  1. R-Fr Says:

    Great video. Absolute tribute to the importance and validity of tradition and craftsmanship.

  2. TRUCK 4 Says:

    That is absolutely amazing that this type of tradition is still alive in the American Fire Service. With the shrinking budgets of today, 10 dollars per foot seems expensive to repair but its obvious that their original ladder built in 1917 is still in service. Keep it up! No matter what keep that alive and never let it go!!!

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