Some Worthy Events in September

I wanted to share a few events that will be going on within the next week or two that I feel are a worthy cause.

IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial, Colorado Springs CO, September 11th 2010.
The IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial will be held this week on September 11th at 1pm  in Colorado Springs, CO. I gladly will spend all the days I have off this week working the event. It is an amazing thing to be a part of, and a great reminder every year. If you have not been to this memorial before, you should plan a vacation to Colorado in one of the following years and be a part of it.  More information on this is found at

9-11 Memorial Stair Climb, Denver CO, September 11th 2010
Also on September 11th is the 2010 Memorial Stair Climb in Denver. This is another amazing event to be a part of. I usually attend this every year with the exception of this one due to the Fallen Firefighter Memorial and the Stair Climb being the same day. I really enjoy this event and look forward to doing it again soon.  The first 343 people to sign up, will climb the Qwest building twice (which puts you at 110 floors). Most people do this climb in full gear with packs and tools. For sign up information on next years climb, look at

Wichita HOT, Wichita KS, September 18-19, 2010
The next event takes place on September 18th and 19th in Wichita Kansas. It is called Wichita H.O.T. and is a two-day hands on training event. They offer multiple different instructors from their local area and across the nation. A group of us made the trip out there last year and attended a few different classes. These guys do a great job and offer classes at a price that you wont find anywhere. The lead guys from the Wichita area are definitely in it for the sake of getting better at our craft with no financial gain. Thanks to Sam Hittle for reminding us about this one and for more information check out There is still time to sign up for these classes if you are interested.

Tour Of Duty Memorial Run, Ends in NYC, September 11th, 2010
Lastly an event that is already well under way (Since August 12th) but does not end until September 11th is the “Tour Of Duty” run across America. This run starts in Los Angeles and hits many cities across the US. Firefighters from all over will run portions of the event until it arrives in NYC on September 11th. It is a great cause and an impressive event. Take a look at their site at

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