Portable Ladder or Portable Stairs?


Here is an idea to keep in the back of your mind if you encounter the same problem. These companies had a fire on the top floor of a 1  1/2 story house a few months ago.  The house is located in a neighborhood on the eastern edge of downtown that has its fair share of urban decay. When advancing the line they found the stairway leading up had some damage. Enough damage to require some assistance making the top floor. The Engine had pulled back and advanced up an exterior ladder that was in place to the top floor and made a knock down. While the Engine made their way up, the Truck company was able to place a 16′ ladder in place over the area of the stairs that was damaged. This provided a sturdy and safe way to secure another route of egress for the Engine upstairs, and access for the Truck that ended up helping them confine the fire to its room of origin. Once the fire was knocked down it turned into the main pathway for the remainder of the incident.  This is where remembering little tricks that have been passed down to us pays off. Well done on thinking creatively and looking out for each other with a little ingenuity. Thanks for sending in the photos for everyone to share.

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3 Comments on “Portable Ladder or Portable Stairs?”

  1. TRUCK 4 Says:

    Excellent pictures of this fire, I had never heard of those companies doing this. Definately a great idea. However, since the stairs are usually very sturdy part of the house and they have already been damaged, its probably a good idea to assume that the floors are in similar states of disrepair. I like the idea of using the ladder in this mode but definately be careful, a fall in the damaged area of the stairs or a trip in the wrong direction would a doosey! Great work, good stop and way to be heads up!!

  2. GaryLane Says:

    Cool…Ive always hear guys saying to try this but never had to yet. Just wondering what smoke conditions were-visibility wise?….Thermal Imager? By feel? Sounds like a great catch by the boys! Nice.

  3. Mike Says:

    Truck 4 – The floors may be good, but accelerate could have been spread on the stairs or fire started under the stairs

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